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Give Mom A Natural Lift This Mother's Day!

By Heather Delaney, 12.04.10 | Comments
The Tua Viso, popular with celebs such as Kate Moss and Kelly Osbourne, launches in South Africa. The Tua Viso non-surgical face lifting machine traditionally found in hi-tech beauty salons is now available in a hand held version for home use.

This appliance of science can be used at home. The Tua Viso uses patented electrodes to deliver a micro-current that alternatively contracts and relaxes your facial muscles. In Trials participants reported an improvement in the skins tone and appearance within 2 weeks.After 10 weeks they noticed increased facial firmness,a more lifted-looking face and a reduction in wrinkles.

The results from facial exercise are far preferable to cosmetic treatments.  A young face is plump and full of volume.  We now know regular muscle toning is the way forward, as what you want is plumpness, volume and tone.

So plump up your face the healthy natural way!

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