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Build Your Own Outdoor Sofa Step

By TreasureBox, 09.02.18 | Comments
Sofas that are kept outdoor must be made with great care. There are many brands you can go for to buy a good quality sofa but they can be quite expensive, another option you have is to build our own sofa with the help of some DIY tips.
For an easy assistance, we have discussed here some of the steps of construction of a sofa. 
Step 1: Collect all of the supplies and tools you will be needing.
Make L-brackets from wood.
Gather up many of the lag screws.
Outdoor Cushions.
A Cordless Drill.
An electrical Circular Saw.
A 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw with Laser.
An Orbital Sander.
Some space to gather up all these items and start the construction.
Step 2: Start your work with the cutting part.
Cut the 4 pieces into 8s.
Cut the 8 foot long 4x8s into 32” long pieces with a compound miter saw. 
Step 3: After cutting the 4X8’s, cut the 2x8s.
Cut the 2x8s into pieces that are as long as the 3 sofa cushions in the size. You may cut 3 pieces for the bottom and 1 piece for the back.
Step 4: Sand the Pieces.
After cutting them, sand all of the 4x8 pieces in an orbital sander. Rounded them over the edges with the help of 80 grit sanding pads before sanding everything smooth with 220 grit pads.
Step 5: Assemble the Panels
The 8” lag screws you have got aren't that long enough to connect the 4x8s, so you have to drill 1 1/4" diameter holes about 3 inches deep in the 4x8s so that the lag screws could be recessed. Also, use a socket attachment on a driver to drive the screws through the bottom of the holes and into the 4x8 below. If you don’t want the screws or the holes to show, so start with the top of the panels and assembled them upside down, through this trick the screw holes should be on the bottom of the panels.

Step 6: Screw on the L-brackets.
Now it is the time to lay out the two side panels and screw the L-brackets along the seam between the bottom 4x8 and the middle 4x8.
Step 7: Screw on the Bottom Pieces.
Then screw in the 2x8s into the L-brackets from the underside. It is probably a better idea to flip the panels over and assemble it upside down.
Step 8: Screw on the Back Piece.
You may use a speed square and a pencil and mark the location of the L-brackets you will be using for the backrest. Screw in the brackets to the side panels at a slight angle and then screw in the last piece of 2x8.
Step 9: Stain.
Most of the people usually chose Minwax grey stain to finish the frame as this piece is going outside it will turn grey in the sun anyways. Apply the stain with a brush and let it dry for 15 minutes before wiping off the excess stain with a clean needle.
Step 10: Place the Cushions.
The last thing to do is to place some outdoor cushions, sit and test the sofa. Is it comfortable and study? 

About The Author:
I am a professional blogger and a freelancer and working in this field since 5 years.
More info: TreasureBox