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Sanitation, Hygiene and Safety

By Legg Wessel, 17.03.16 | Comments

The Legg and Wessel Company is based in Paarden Eiland of Cape Town, South Africa. They started operations back in 1877 and have gained a solid reputation as a leading distributor of Packaging and Commercial Safety products. Their products are divided under three broad heads: Packaging, Safety and Hygiene.

Under the first head, they list products such as Abrasives, Adhesive Tapes, Adhesive Hook and Loops, Case Sealers; corrugated products, dispensers, food wrap, heatsealers, instant adhesives, labels, rite lok adhesives, paper, plastic bags, plastic rolls, plastic sheeting, protective padded bags, sealants, security seals, spray adhesives, stationery, strapping, structural adhesives, tag gun &accessories, twines and wrapping. In“Abrasives”, one has automotive products, hookit discs, sand paper, scourers and nomad matting. In “Adhesive Tapes”, there are Aluminium, buff packaging, 3M fine line, 3M VHB double sided, carpet and many others. Likewise, under dispensers you have pallet wrap, paper and tape varieties. You can trust L&W with the best and most immaculately manufactured packaging products.

Under Safety equipments or products, they have coveralls, gloves, harnessing, hearing protection, masks, safety clothing, and safety eyewear and safety footwear. The coveralls are mainly protective in nature and purpose, to be used on hazardous missions or work. Gloves have a wider range of types--- chemical resistant, coated, cold resistant, cotton, disposable, leather and rubber. Masks come in avatars such as air supplied, cartridges, disposable mask, re-usable masks. Protective gears for the ears include ear-muffs, foam earplugs and re-usable earplugs.

Lastly, the filter option offers a huge spread of safety gear such as chemicals, cleaning accessories, dispensers, disposable products, facial tissues, food safety, hand cleansers, hand sanitisers, paper towelling, surgical gowns, and wipers. The ‘disposable products’ collection is suitably impressive, featuring things such as bears covers, mob caps, overshoes, oversleeves, smocks and aprons. 

Some of the leading brands whose products they distribute are: Javlin, 3M, Byotrol, Halyard, Leimaitre, FRAMS, Henkel, Dromex, Teroson, Brady and many others. They are the preferred suppliers of quality products all over the country, and a real dedication to work that was nurtured and maintained across generations, has contributed to upholding the name of the firm to the present day and age. In case you’re interested and would like to know more, visit:

About The Author:
It was founded back in the nineteenth century as a distributor of packaging, safety and hygiene products in South Africa. Quality maintenance and client satisfaction are their top priorities.
More info: Legg & Wessel