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Scarves for Cancer Patients

By Bella Donna, 23.02.16 | Comments

Cancer is a killer disease, the mere name of which is enough to make most of us gasp in an expression of unsuppressed shock. Previously synonymous to a death certificate for the patient, cancer has become a treatable disease in the recent years. However, the amount of pain and suffering it causes, is still constant. The years of chemotherapy may serve to prolong life a bit longer, but it has numerous side effects such as nausea, vomiting, intense pain, constipation, and the most commonly known one---hair fall. Going bald adds tremendously to the already massive mental agony that a cancer patient is forced to undergo, more so if it’s a woman.

However, the market now has something that would help all those unfortunate women battling cancer out there, to regain their feminine dignity in the years of battle. The Bella Donna scarves company, started by a breast cancer survivor who donates a part of the proceedings to the Breast Health foundation, has a wonderful collection of beautiful head scarves for cancer patients; of every design, hue and colour. There are scarves meant for ladies and girls, Forever Changed Turbans and beanies. The scarves are made by the owner herself, with the raw materials being sourced locally.

The scarves are of varied and colourful designs, such as black-on-white, polka-dotted, coral on coral, navy jewel, pastel green, blue and light blue, purple satin leopard, brown motive print, black and white swirl print, and  much more. In recent news, a walkathon (Avon Justine Ithemba) was held in the October of 2014 to spread breast cancer awareness. If you visit the website of the store, you can perform an online transaction and add the items you’d like to buy, in a virtual shopping cart, where you calculate the total amount and submit your final order. You can also click on the ‘My Story’ section and read the immensely inspiring story of cancer survivor Lizel. One read is sure to leave you wondering how steely a person’s endurance and will-power could get. In case you’re interested, visit:

About The Author:
Started by breast cancer survivor Lizel, this organisation was set up to contribute to the Breast Health Foundation, which helps breast cancer afflicted women lead better lives nationwide.
More info: Bella Donna