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Rice Straw Power Project For Clean Renewable Energy And Resources

By Oliver Caplikas, 08.02.16 | Comments
The Rice Straw Power project from Leipzig for clean, renewable energy and resources developed by Hans Lothar Köhl is now in the final stage and after ten years of development ready to start. Mr. Köhl the founder and initiator came to the project in 2006 through the contact by Ms. Thi Minh An Ngo from Vietnam in East Germany. The first facilities will produce heating and building materials from rice straw. The project is a climate safeguard and solves many world problems at once. It prevents the air polluiton caused by rice straw open field burning and reduces the methane contamination by rotting rice straw. The Rice Straw Power team want also solve hunger and housing problems in the world, especially in the poor regions like in Asia, India and Africa. One of the side products is rice. Countless organisations, platforms and people have noticed the epochal project through networks like Facebook and Sribd. In januar the project applied for the Zayed Future Engery Price in 2017 from the United Arab Emirates.

More information you can find on the official pages.

About The Author:
Oliver Caplikas is business man, founder, organiser and publisher from Leipzig.
Visit the official pages like Linkedin for more information.
More info: Rice Straw Power