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Limestone Properties Rental Service

By Limestone, 08.02.16 | Comments

Are you dreaming of buying the home of your dreams? On a beach, by a snug little woods, or tucked away into the foothills of the majestic mountains? If yes, then this is the place you need to be, or rather, log on to! Limestone Residential Properties, South Africa, is one of the leading real estate developer firms in the country. Be it any location in South Africa, or whether you want to sell or buy property, or you prefer furnished or unfurnished property, you find it at just a click away on Apartment rentals, cluster rentals, corporate rentals----they specialise in all and are one of the foremost names in the business.

On their site, you spot a button named “Enquiry forms” at the top panel, on clicking upon which you are redirected to a blank form requiring you to fill out name, address, phone number and property/home specifications. Once you do, your advertisement is visible to every other buyer/seller on the site, and you can expect a decent reception of offers to come your way. Look, compare and choose your investment opportunities.

For more details please visit their website at:

About Limestone Properties:

Limestone Properties is a leading real estate agency. It features apartments to rent in Sandton, houses to rent in Gauteng and other areas. Founded in 2007, they specialise in apartment and cluster rentals (both furnished and unfurnished), our team consists of professionals who have had a thorough working knowledge of the industry for years. Our rental period is normally from 3 months- 3 years. Limestone Residential Properties is strongly affiliated to Limestone Properties (the premier "off-plan" marketing agency in Gauteng). The nature of the relationship is synergic, which enables Limestone Residential Properties to manage their clients from transfer of their investment properties. They do both—resell their investments in the land market, and rent them to raise capital.  Our company is characterised by a strong business ethic and scruples which enable our clients to place their full trust in us. The transparency of our operations has served to increase and spread our goodwill in the market. We believe in exerting our expertise and capacity to the fullest extent, and do everything within our means to serve our customers.


113, 11th street




Phone: +27 (0)11 784 2772

Fax: +27 (0)11 784 2774

About The Author:
Domestic, industrial, commericial, we at Limestone Prperties deal in land and property of every kind. Along side this, the firm provides reliable property management services.
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