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South Africa welcomes newest Crowdfunding Website, Change Lives Now

By Change Lives Now, 04.02.16 | Comments

South Africa welcomes Change Lives Now; a brilliant website custom designed for South African's to raise funds for causes and initiatives.

"Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project or venture by raising monetary contributions from a large number of people." This is relatively new in South Africa and only sees a handful of other South African websites live and successful.

Change Lives Now is powered by PayPal allowing every campaign to include the ability to securely process donations through PayPal. Simply activating your Campaign on Change Lives Now and start accepting donations immediately, it is that simple!

Unlike other South African Crowdfunding sites, Change Lives Now allows you to keep all funds raised and has no time limits in order to successfully reach your goal.

It is incredibly simple for South African Crowdfunding users to use whether you are an Organisation or an Individual. Simply login and create your very own Campaign by uploading pictures and video footage to target your donor’s emotion and to tell them why they should donate to your cause.

Change Lives Now is primarily aimed at Non Profit Organisations. Its founder, Jason Grieve has a special interest and vast experience in the Non Profit Sector in South Africa having accomplished many project in extremely poverty stricken areas in South Africa, particularly the Eastern Cape. Individuals are welcome to Campaign for Profit related ventures on Change Lives Now.

Check out their website to start Changing your Life Now!

About The Author:
Jason Grieve is the Founder of Change Lives Now
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