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People, Land and Food: Snaps from Life

By Driman Digital, 15.01.16 | Comments

Photos capture a slice of life. Still, moving, placid, angry or sensuous---they capture moments, feelings and beauty. Every time somebody takes a picture of something, a minuscule part of some memory is taken prisoner and shut away permanently. And when the quality of the picture taken is true-to-life, it becomes an unwritten description, an unsung paean to a tiny part of the world we live in. Meet Driman Digital Photography, a commercial and lifestyle photographer agency that specialises in high-quality, accurate and clear-details photo shoots. They shoot landscapes, people, objects, architectural structures and food. The pictures on their site speak volumes about their work and dedication towards the art of photography. They do architectural photography, landscape photography and digital food photography among others.

If you’re an amateur property sales firm who needs advertising for their properties and homes, then the photographers at Driman are the folks you should be seeking out.  The same thing goes for Tour Operator sites or Tourism Ministries of nations---- if you want to capture the packaged destinations in an excruciating, breath-taking vista-like manner, then again Driman Digital is the agency, whose doors you should be knocking on. Their pictures portray not just the overwhelming or austere beauty of any place, but also the poignancy, subtlety and depth of a certain image, be it of place, house or person.

An old grandma’s kindly smile that is gently reflected in the wrinkles of her cheek skin, a mother straddling her three children in a moment of unadulterated joy, or a lone man standing in the midst of a vast field against the backdrop of a bright red sunset---these images convey volumes that deeply stir things inside of you. You’re reminded of some faraway place you’d been to as a child once, or that deserted field behind your old house where you first played hide-and-seek, or the day a loved one left you forever. Some of those images are that powerful. For more, visit:

Aside from people and land snaps, there are shots of houses, rooms, yards, showrooms and also fancy accessories. Quite useful for people who own hotels or restaurants and want an enticing website for their property. Or models who want an attractive portfolio for interviews with various agencies. Driman Digital is the best commercial photography company in town, period.

About Driman Digital:
Driman Digital is a commercial photography agency founded by Shawn Driman. Operating in Gauteng, South Africa, they have rapidly risen to fame in the area of professional commercial, lifestyle and creative food photography. Client satisfaction is a given when hiring them.


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Gauteng, South Africa



Phone: +27 11 656 2500

Fax: +27 11 656 2500

Cell: +27 82 575 2112

More info: Driman Digital Photography (Pty) Ltd