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New platform connects transporters and loaders in Southern Africa

By Ingrid Sinclair, 15.05.14 | Comments

LoadSmart: New service connects transporters and loaders in the SADC region

Interactive web and mobile interface guarantees secured freight and transport search at lower cost.

Launching on Friday, 16 May 2014, LoadSmart is a new interactive web platform allowing loaders and transporters in the Southern African Development Community (Sadc) region to connect with each other, saving both parties valuable resources and money. From their desktop computers or mobile devices, users can post and review loads and vehicles, track current loads and search available vehicles.

What sets LoadSmart apart is that it addresses several critical issues facing the logistics industry in the Sadc region. A key issue here is the severe lack of transporter-to-loader communication and poor information exchange. These issues lead to poor-quality service, untrustworthy transactions and big financial losses.

Reciprocal rating system

On LoadSmart, loaders and transporters involved in a contract can rate each other. The best or consistently high-rating members will be awarded additional credits or points that can be used to engage other services and activities on the LoadSmart platform. The incident submitter pays with LoadSmart points, as complaints for the sake of complaining are discouraged.

A support team dedicated to information accuracy and community maintenance.

LoadSmart's dedicated support team actively mediates complaints and compliments, managing responses from accused parties and investigating complaints to obtain the objective facts.

Secured escrow

LoadSmart's secured escrow transactions reduce the risk of fraudulent transactions. LoadSmart acts as a trusted third party that collects, holds and only distributes money once both loader and transporter are satisfied that all conditions of the agreement have been met. LoadSmart is duty-bound to make payments available to the transporter on pre-stipulated dates.

With LoadSmart, communication is seamless and consistent. Membership grants access to unlimited posting of loads and vehicles, as well as notifications of availability. Interactions are more frequent thanks to the integrated management of multiple available loads and vehicles. Contract auctions allow transporters to bid on loads, translating into increased earnings and savings.

LoadSmart will also serve as a portal for news items, available jobs, adverts and information on warehouses and contracts, and members will be able to manage their invoicing via LoadSmart.Net.

Registration is free and a six-month free trail membership is offered.

With a LoadSmart membership, users gain access to a number of guarantees:

  • Transporters registered on LoadSmart.Net will get more business regardless of whether they're big or small.

  • Loaders will enjoy a more reliable service at competitive rates.

  • Advertisers will gain access to a very popular web platform to promote their offers (discount coupons apply)

  • The LoadSmart team addresses the need for more information and communication in the Sadc logistics market.

Visit to see the website in action (launching on Friday, 16 May 2014).

View the LoadSmart website overview:

The LoadSmart YouTube channel:

About The Author:
Ingrid Sinclair is the media liaison for
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More info: LoadSmart