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Facebook F8 Addresses Privacy Concerns

By The Social Studio, 04.05.14 | Comments

F8 (pronounced eff-eight) is Facebook’s semi-regular conference. The San Francisco, California, based event is aimed at developers and entrepreneurs who build products and services for the platform. The conference gets it’s name from the Facebook tradition of hosting an eight hour hackathon following the event. New product features and other announcements are often made at the conference, and this year was no different.

In an effort to answer to concerns over privacy, the introduction of features which allow users to choose how their information is shared, and to log-in to apps without signing up first was announced. Anonymous Login, which was unveiled by Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg on Wednesday the 30th of April 2014, will be accompanied by an updated version of Facebook Login which features improved privacy controls.

Anonymous Login

Anonymous login will allow one to log-in to apps without the need to remember usernames or passwords, but will not share personal information from the social media platform. This will permit users to decide at a later stage, once they know more about the app, whether or not they wish to share any additional information. The feature is being tested with selected developers and will be rolled out more broadly in time.

Facebook Login

The updated Facebook Login allows users to decide which data an app will receive by individually unchecking categories of information. The example listed by Facebook cites that users could decide to share an email address with an app, but to keep their birthdate a secret. The new login will also facilitate the prevention of posting without permission.

Facebook will also soon be reviewing new apps that use Facebook Login in an effort to ensure better app quality; apps that only ask for the information they really need and that don’t post without users’ explicit permission.

The new login is set to rollout over the coming months.

Redesigned App Control Panel

In order to provide users with a clear, simple way to manage their Facebook connected apps once they have logged in, a newly designed dashboard was announced. The tool will give people a list of the apps they use, allow them to manage permissions specific to particular apps, and will permit them to remove apps completely.

The App Control Panel will roll out over the next few weeks.

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