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Alive Advertising Offering Most Economical Digital Billboard Advertising Service

By Liam Harris, 21.04.14 | Comments

“Stopping advertising to save money is like stopping your watch to save time.” - Henry Ford.

While advertisements are the integral tools for reaching out to potential clients, but still small businesses suffer with inadequacies of funds. Lack of capital for investing in elaborate advertisements makes companies incapable of entering into the potential customer market. Good news is that ever since its launch, Alive Advertising is one of the preferred of outdoor advertising companies in South Africa that has consistently offered most economical advertising services.

The high quality services of Alive Advertising have made it speedily expand its network across South Africa. Today, the company is treated as one the reliable advertising and billboard companies in South Africa with extensive network across Gauteng, KwaZulu Natal, Eastern, Northern and Western Cape including Limpopo and Mpumalanga. The company has successfully installed over fifty billboards in different locations of South Africa within sixteen years of its launch. This has helped the client companies receive more than 3.5 million captured views for their advertisements. Thus, Alive Advertising banks heavily upon the faith of clients today as the major catalyst for its rapid success.

Mention needs to be made of the outstanding quality of products that have made Alive Advertising win an edge over its competitors. The strategic positioning of the billboards at the intersections of the traffic light control centres, large traffic areas and other prime locations of South Africa have helped Alive Advertising in gaining optimum attention of the potential audience. The high-resolution LED screens of the electronic billboards of the company are specially equipped to screen videos, animations, static graphics and stationary texts. Thus, these high impact advertisements boost sales promotion and brand awareness processes. This is the reason why client companies consider Alive Advertising as their most steadfast corporate partner.

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About Alive Advertising

Launched in 1996, Alive Advertising is the very first company to offer electronic screens for outdoor advertising in South Africa. The rapid success of the firm owes much to the loyalty of their clients towards the company. The commitment of living up to the expectations of their clients has made Alive Advertising expand its network throughout South Africa at a rapid pace.

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