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Spa for the Health Conscious

By Gary Ernstzen, 01.03.12 | Comments

Spas are to the modern man what roman baths were to the roman citizens. A spa comforts and rejuvenates the body, and energizes the mind. Spas are those mid area zones between heaven and Earth that every person should experience at least once in a lifetime, if not more. They pamper your senses and soothe your body. In the recent years, the world has seen a steady growth in the popularity of spa attracting the wealthy as well as health conscious people.


The spa treatments in Durban, though a more recent phenomenon, are at a level which would shame any international spa centre, which have tradition on their side. Loaded with the most luxurious treatments available in spas anywhere, spas in Durban are destinations for which this major city attracts a huge health tourist crowd. The spas in Kwazulu Natal are well known for their exclusiveness. They have carefully maintained a premiere status in their pricing. Any spa in Western Cape is a sure to spoil the visitor. Some of the offerings here include a relaxing full body massage using hot stones and invigorating full body exfoliation & scrub. They also offer hand and foot massage with exfoliation as well as revitalizing facials. The exotic Oriental herbal medical practices are used here to their fullest. The art of Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medical practice, has many practitioners here. Their de-stressing Indian head massage is possibly the single most popular service here. While checking in a spa in Western Cape, never worry about the details. Everything is taken care of by the authorities. They offer breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea in a most sumptuous spread. Unlimited beverages throughout the day form the backdrop of any treatment here. Included in the package are complimentary spa slippers.


Spa packages are suited to meet every need. There are various options to choose from. From full day to half day packages, from evening to weekend packages, the offerings are many. Prices are designed to suit every budget. From the entry level fees to the expensive ones, the spas don’t close anybody out. The more expensive packages are the ones where the heights of luxurious massages and treatments are offered. For example, the massages based on ancient Chinese medicines are expensive, but very effective. These are reflexology based massages.


The excellent health food at the spas is another attraction. From the freshest of fruit salads to muffins to herbal tea – the choice is sure to appeal to the health conscious and the gourmet alike. Jacuzzi and Sauna treatments use the modern scientific instruments and traditional health practices. The Jacuzzi is an ancient Roman device, and the sauna is an ancient Norse device. All these tools come together at the modern spa to provide you the best of services.


So, whether you take spa treatments in Durban or visit the spas in Kwazulu Natal, your experience will be one of extreme satiation. You will come back revitalized from the spas in Durban as well any spa in Western Cape.


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