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Do Hangover Cures Exist?

By Sole Water , 27.02.12 | Comments

This might have been a crazy weekend for you, the partying, the drinking and of course the hangover. We have all heard of different hangover cures during the years, but do any of them really work? Well now there might be a cure for hangovers that actually works. Some of the different cures that I heard over the years include:

  • Drink alcohol in the morning.
  • Eating spicy food.
  • Drinking black coffee with no sugar.
  • Drink loads of water before you go to sleep.

This is all good and well, however, as a person who has suffered from many hangovers, I have conclusive proof that none of them actually work. Forget about all the home remedies, now there is a company that guarantees that their product is sure to cure hangovers. This is the first of any bottled water suppliers that promise this.


However, this company does not encourage drinking because as we know excessive drinking is no good for you. They prefer if you would drink socially and use their product responsibly. Many people do not know this but social drinking does have benefits. However, even social drinking can cause a hangover, which is when this revolutionary product can help you.


Some health benefit of drinking alcohol in moderation:

Alcohol's effects on the heart for men and women are well documented. Studies have shown that social or moderate drinking can improve cholesterol, which helps blood flow smoothly through our bodies. In essence it can reduce risks of heart attacks and strokes. Research also suggests that social drinking can increase insulin sensitivity, which can reduce the risk of attracting diabetes. 

Recent research also suggests that women who enjoy social consumption of alcohol are more likely to keep their minds sharp as they age.

The important word to remember is moderation or social drinking because alcohol abuse has many negative side effects. On the one hand, many people use alcohol irresponsibly with bad consequences, it can break up families and destroy lives. On the other hand, there are many positive side effects to small amounts of alcohol intake. It is important that when you drink, you drink responsibly and be safe.  

About The Author:
After alcohol consumption, drink 500ml of Solé bottled water directly prior to retiring for the night to prevent hangover symptoms. Solé Water is pure water structured and micro-clustered at a molecular level to make it the perfect hangover cure.
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