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Interview with a Hair Dresser

By Julia Slater, 27.10.11 | Comments

I had the pleasure of having a sit-down-interview with Neroshnee Cato, she owns and Runs My Space Hair Studios in Umhlanga.  Neroshnee, and her Husband Clive with their two beautiful girls. Kristen – 5 and Jessica – 2 have lived on the Bluff for 3 years, they bought property here, and are very happy.  She opened her doors one year ago, and has been very successful, with her Bubbly personality, always laughing and with a good head for business, who would expect less…of course she has been successful in her first year of business.

The Interview:

Q: What made you decide to open a Hair salon?

A: As a young lady, I was fascinated with hair, especially my own, I wanted to have perfect hair and I really wanted to know the secrets about having great hair. I did my studies at oval Computer College; I was one of the first students to do their newly launched course.  It was one-year theory and another year apprenticeship.  I discovered I was really good at being a hairdresser.  I have been doing hair now for almost ten years, and I still enjoy it.  I figured the next step in my career was to open my own shop.

Q: Was it a dream of yours to open your own Hair Studio.

A: It was a dream, but through my career path, I always knew that I would go this route, like this is what is supposed to happen, kind-of-thing.  I wanted to work for myself. I was never satisfied working for someone else.

Q: What is your favorite time of Day?

A: It has to be the mornings.  Mornings always feel fresh, full of hope and new prospects.

Q: Being a mom of two how does that fit in with owning and running a business?

A: Simply put…you make it work.  At times it is challenging, especially Saturdays when I am at the shop and my girls have their schedules, or I would like to go and see their sports day, it’s a lot of sacrifice, and time but Fortunately I have an awesome husband and family that jumps in to help whenever I need them.

Q: Do you remember the time you did your first Business Deal?

A: I have been doing hair for so long, that I wasn’t nervous of the cut, but the first actually cut-and-style in my salon, was a little weird, but something I got used to very quickly, I felt proud of myself, I love what I do and I love being a business owner.

Q: What does it take to open and run a business?

A: First off, I would say, a lot of courage, dedication, and you need to have a plan, don’t rush things, think things through, but i will say that if it’s your passion and you are awesome at what you do then go for it.

Q: What is a good quality trait to have as a hairdresser?

A: To listen to the client, listen to what they would like done, some customers have come into the salon with a specific idea in mind, other people really love to hear the hairdressers opinion, and would go with my idea, but it is up to client, and it is important that when they walk out of my shop that they truly are happy with my work. Also, you need to be relaxed and calm and focused also easy going.  My customers always say that they feel at ease in my shop, I guess that’s just my personality shining through. I love making my clients feel like a million bucks. (End)

As the interview proceeds, with a lot of laughing and jokes, and running after her cocker spaniel about the house, I see Neroshnee as a open person, who is very approachable, and easy to talk to and get to know.  But, serious when it comes to her business. 

Another Star has come out to Shine.

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