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In today’s society, where hard work and success in careerism is applauded and admired, it is easy to overlook the seriousness of workaholism. Being a productive and diligent employee is...

Natrx™ takes their premium-quality supplements online!

By Natural Prescriptions - NATRX™, 12.11.12
Now you can buy NATRX™s’ extensive supplements range on their brand new e-commerce website Natural Prescriptions (NATRX™) have recently launched their brand-new, stunning website, where consumers can shop for products from...

Healing with Complementary Therapy

By Sandy Mc Neil, 22.07.10
Body Balance Activation is a profound quantum healing modality that enables you to restore harmony and bring healing to your mental, emotional and physical being. Body Balance Activation (BBA) is a...
The remarkable healing qualities of colloidal silver are well-documented and many round the world have testified to its amazing health benefits. Ongoing medical research on the product, not least in...

What is Ionic Colloidal Silver

By Silver Lab, 18.06.10
The properties of silver have been known for centuries. Our ancestors stored water in silver containers, because it prevented the growth of bacteria and fungus. In the days before refrigeration...

Therapeutic Reflexology Explained...

By Jacques Venter, 09.08.09
What is Reflexology and how does it work? The Therapeutic Reflexologist relies on the use of very specific finger, thumb and hand pressure techniques which can have therapeutic effects in other...