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MRA: Ensuring Regulation Compliance since 2003

By MRA Regulatory Consultants, 04.02.16 | Comments

Regulation is of supreme importance in case of the foodstuffs, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries. It is the responsibility of every National Government to protect their native populace from health hazards caused by intake of tainted edibles or topical ointments. By introducing regulatory guidelines, the administrative bodies put the onus on manufacturers to churn out healthy produce from factories and processing units. And there are certain bodies which professionally assist in this process. MRA Regulatory Consultants of South Africa is one of them.

 It was set up back in 2003 with the chief intention of providing regulatory advice to the pharmaceutical industry, though presently their services cover the cosmetic and processed food businesses as well. They maintain the most up-to-date software that allows them to publish eCTDs and paper CTDs on the various firms whose regulatory qualifications they check. What they chiefly do is, help firms speed up their registration process by providing them with correct and educated information about the regulatory guidelines prevalent in the nation of South Africa. Their services cover all the sectors dealing with ingestible items, including: Allopathic Medicine, Homeopathy, Medicinal devices, Veterinary Medicines, Stock Remedies, Farm Feed, Cosmetics and Foodstuffs. MRA not only helps firms to get registered quickly, but they also ensure that their clients end up with the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practises) stamp, an international standard governing all parameters that decide the definition of ‘healthy’.

They prepare and review: Site master files, Standard Operating Procedures, License Applications and renewal of license. Apart from conducting reviews and third party inspectors, they help in firms’ self-reviews and carry out audits at manufacturing units.

News: As of January 2015, MRA has teamed up with FPD in order to provide educational courses regarding Health Products Regulatory Affairs. The course was chiefly aimed at: Regulatory Affairs Pharmacists, Regulatory Affairs Managers and Assistants, and Pharmacovigilance Officers. To see more on this, please click on

Established back in 2003, MRA Regulatory Consultants is one of the most widely-respected third party regulation inspection and regulatory consultancy firms of South Africa. They deal in
regulation of medical devices, regulation of foodstuffs and veterinary medicine regulations. Associated with a lot of industry associations in the country, their work has served a lot of firms and has benefitted millions of people by helping to provide healthy foodstuffs and medicinal supplements to them. 

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MRA Regulatory Consultants have a clear understanding of the regulatory environment in South Africa and provide expert advice and support to the pharmaceutical industry.
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