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Bring that bounce back in your life with M-Kem’s “Bounce Upstairs”

By Gary Ernstzen, 15.11.12 | Comments

People always want to stay healthy and fit. But two reasons keep them from doing so. One - they are so busy with their daily routines and cannot spend a lot of time in doing things other than making money; Two – they are fed up of the long, exhausting wait they have to face in the clinics, when they get an appointment from a doctor.


The above said causes and effects are no different for the people of South Africa. They wanted a new and easy way to be fit and healthy; not only new but reliable and effective too. Online pharmacies solved these issues, and started delivering what they have always wanted. Within a short period of introduction, they became a huge hit with more products, lower price and ease of availability.


M-KEM, an online pharmacy in South Africa is one of the best solutions for all your fitness needs and it stands out of the crowd with its range of Cape Town medical clinics and BMC clinics in Cape Town, combined with the best sports supplements in South Africa. One can find everything they need at, to stay in shape and they can get everything over the internet without any hassle.


‘Bounce Upstairs’ is a unique feature of M-KEM, where you can find sports supplements, hair salon, footwear and separate sections for sunglasses, photographic and a coffee bar. This nowhere-else feature from, helps you to gain the looks you wanted. The ever updating new-technology supplements and trendy sunglasses with the latest hair-do will bring that bounce back to your life, without any doubt.


So, come along and visit M-KEM to be more healthy and bouncy, than you can ever imagine.

About The Author:
About M-KEM:
M-KEM serves people of South Africa with its 365 days clinics meant for general, child care, women care, diabetic care and BMC. With experienced staff all the medical requirements are taken care with utmost attention. Its range of clinics includes a wig clinic and HIV testing in Cape Town. stands as the one stop solution for all medical requirements.

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M-KEM Medicine City
Cnr Durban Road
Raglan Street
Tel: 021 948 5702 / 6 / 7 or (021) 948 5667
Fax: 021 949 8108
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