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Anti-Ageing Non-Surgical Facelift!

By Heather Delaney, 02.09.09 | Comments
Why does the skin on our face sag?

The elasticity and health of our skin depends a lot on the underlying tone, strength and vitality of your supporting facial muscles. The lines, wrinkles, folds and bags you see aren't really “wrinkles” but are the supportive muscles in your face going soft and losing their firmness, the muscles can no longer support your skin and we get the dreaded “sag-attack”.

So what's the Non -Surgical solution?
The best and proven alternative to reverse the ageing process is through exercise and in the case of the face, facial exercises.

Exercising and toning your face will strengthen these supportive muscles, improve your skin strength and skin tone.

The increased blood flow to the skin will help in bringing nutrition to, and removing toxins from your skin. The increased circulation of blood can be as much as ten times greater than normal when you contract a muscle.

Face exercises, done correctly and regularly, will firm up your jaw line, tone and smooth your cheeks, make lips fuller, de-bag puffy eyes and in general make you look more youthful.

What equipment you choose to use to achieve a non-surgical face lift is a matter of preference.

Being an eighties child, my preference is a nicely packaged “microwaved” version. I cannot be bothered by physically having to do facial exercisers, it takes too long and are difficult to master.

Give me my Tua Viso, “plonk” it on the right spot while I watching my favourite mind-bending soapy, and it does my facial exercises for me – 20 minutes later my workout is done, skin feels tingly and refreshed. The only effort is turning on and off the unit and moving it to the next point. No wires, gels or sticky pads and there is no pain.

A facial exercise program will definitely help you tone, lift and sculpt the muscles of your face.
You'll see an increase in your facial firmness and muscle strength. And the facial exercises improve blood circulation, resulting in you having a natural healthy glow. Not to mention a more youthful looking face.

For more information about tua viso go to:

More info: Tua Viso Non-Surgical Facelift