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The Importance Of Pure Water

By Sole Water, 14.02.12 | Comments

Water is vital for our survival, however, clean drinking water has become scarce. This had led to the debate about bottled water versus tap water.

Water is vital for our survival, however, clean drinking water has become scarce. This had led to the debate about bottled water versus tap water. South Africa has the 3rd cleanest tap water in the world. This is something many South Africans seem to overlook, however, this does not mean our water is completely safe. So maybe bottled water is the best option but we need to put that into a South African perspective.


Poverty plays an important role or rather a negative role in the distribution of pure water to the people of South Africa. Bottled water is still perceived by many as a luxury or unnecessary. Tap water is more affordable so why would a person living in poverty see the importance of bottled water. Tap water quality varies across different municipalities which means that in some areas tap water is healthier than in rural areas, unfortunately that is just the country we live in.


Some advantages of bottled water:

  • The big advantage of bottled water is you can take it with you on a journey or while performing outdoor activities. Another advantage is bottled water contains no chlorine unlike tap water which means it tastes better. Tap water can sometimes be contaminated due to rusted water pipes or a contaminated source.
  • Natural disasters can affect the local water supply especially countries that suffer regular disasters. Bottled water provides a source of hydration when municipal water has been disabled by a disaster. Bottled water can be stored for years ensuring a readily available water source in areas that have many natural disasters.
  • Many bottled water suppliers get their water from the tap, however, they take the cleansing and treating processes further. Government water treatment plants can only afford to do some of the cleaning due to the sheer volume. Bottled water companies on the other hand need to provide 100% clean water or run the risk of losing business.

 Whatever water you decide to drink, remember there are a number of considerations. Many people do not realise the impact clean water has on your health because drinking pure water it decreases your chances of catching waterborne diseases. Bottle water may cost more but it can extend your life.

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The Purity of our Water
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