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Training Courses by Advanced Trauma Life Support (ATLS™)

By Janine Arendze, 18.10.10 | Comments

The ATLS™ programme is designed for doctors who do not treat victims of major trauma on a regular basis and who may not have immediate access to sophisticated emergency facilities. Doctors treating trauma patients in emergency or surgical departments will also benefit from the ATLS™ course.

The programme emphasises the first hour of initial assessment and the primary management of an injured patient, starting at the point in time of injury and continuing through initial assessment, life-saving intervention, re-evaluation, stabilisation, and when needed, transfer to a facility in which the patient can receive specialised care.

Based on well-established principles and objectives of trauma management, the course is intended to provide doctors with one acceptable method for safe, immediate management and the basic knowledge necessary to:

  • Assess a patient's condition rapidly and accurately
  • Resuscitate and stabilise the patient on a priority basis
  • Determine if the patient's needs will likely exceed a facility's capabilities
  • Arrange for the patient's inter-hospital transfer
  • Assure that optimum care is provided each step of the way

The two and a half day programme consists of pre-and post-course tests, core content lectures, case presentations, discussions, development of life-saving skills, performance of technical procedures, and a final performance proficiency evaluation. Upon completion of the course, doctors should feel confident in implementing the trauma skills taught during the course.

The course covers:

1.     Airway and Ventilatory Management

2.     Shock

3.     Thoracic Trauma

4.     Abdominal Trauma

5.     Head Trauma

6.     Spine and Spinal Cord Trauma

7.     Extremity Trauma

8.     Injuries Due to Burn and Cold

9.     Paediatric Trauma

10.   Trauma in Women

11.   Stablisation and Transport

All successful delegates will be awarded certification from the American Colleges of Surgeons.

Registered Nurses and Paramedics may attend the course in the capacity of Auditors, participating in all aspects of the course (excluding assessments), however, no certification will be awarded.




About The Author:

ATA’s International Training Division (ITD) specializes in emergency medicine, occupational medicine, occupational hygiene, technical rescue, industrial fire-fighting, health and safety training courses for professionals operating in remote and isolated environments (e.g. oil and gas, mining, infrastructure and construction).

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