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Simply Links Simple Submission Rules:
  • Publishing your article / press release on Simply Links is FREE.
  • This website is used by South Africans. If your site is not South African or is not directly relevant to South Africans it cannot be approved.
  • Strictly no articles with illegal or questionable content.
  • Please enter a complete, readable title for your article. Keyword stuffing will cause your submission to be rejected.
  • If it is obvious that your article is written purely for search engine optimisation, causing your article not to read naturally it will not be approved.
  • Your article's title should make people want to read it!
  • Linking policy: If you link to websites from within your article that have poor relevance to the topic of your article (eg. you are writing about places to stay in South Africa, and link to insurance companies), your article will not be approved.
  • If you have links in your article you MUST use the author bio and website fields provided as well.
  • Extensive grammar errors and bad writing will cause your submission to be rejected.
  • Submissions may be moderated at our discretion for quality purposes.
  • Category suggestions are welcome.

As a general rule, if we think you are writing your article to be read by search engines and not by real people, please don't bother as your article won't be published.

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