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Tips for travelling to Mozambique

By Zero Appliances , 08.02.12 | Comments

I went for a vacation to Mozambique last year, I was surprised how far they are behind South Africa with technology. The technology crisis is largely due to the war that engulfed the nation some years back. Mozambique is an extremely hot country and unless you are in a modern hotel you might not have proper refrigeration, air conditioning and other necessities.


We wanted to explore the real Mozambique so we chose to stay in a caravan park. The park was centrally located, had a decent crowd and most importantly it was affordable. Food is more expensive in Mozambique and not of the same quality as the food in South Africa, so we carried food in cooler boxes from South Africa. The cooler boxes were our most prized possession because they saved us money, time with added convenience. The trip was not as expensive as I had assumed which surprised me because we were in a different country but we still stuck to budget.


Tips for travelling to Mozambique:

  1. Popular activities for travellers include diving, snorkelling, bird watching and fishing. To make the most of your holiday ensure that you carry all the necessary equipment or be willing to hire them in Mozambique. Having your own equipment will drastically reduce expenses.
  2. A good understanding of Portuguese will be an advantage if travelling alone. That is the official language, however, in hotels staff speak English.
  3. South African Rands are accepted most places in Mozambique. This is a big plus for travellers because you will save time.
  4. Take a digital camera and charger because Mozambique has wonderful sights that make this country a professional photographer’s or a holiday snapper’s dream.
  5. Visitors are advised to take pre-arrival precautions against malaria. Many people die of malaria annually so malaria prevention treatment needs to be taken seriously. 
  6. It is vital you carry medical supplies in case of accidents. Mozambique is a hot and humid country and some supplies need to be kept at cooler temperatures. You can contact medical refrigerator suppliers to buy or rent portable medical fridges because accidents can happen and it’s better to be prepared.

Some attractions in Mozambique:

  • Maputo - The capital and biggest city in Mozambique. A vibrant and energetic city, Maputo hosts hotels, malls, night clubs and a list of other activities for your enjoyment.
  • Xai-Xai - A town in the south of Mozambique about 225km from Maputo, Xai-Xai has excellent beaches and wonderful tourist destinations.
  • Beira - A popular destination for South African Tourists because of the pristine beaches and many excellent caravan parks for accommodation.
  • Bazaruto - A small island off the coast of Mozambique is a tourist favourite and very affordable.

Mozambique is a lovely country and with the right equipment your stay there will be memorable.

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