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Micro dotting: Vehicle Tracking in Johannesburg , Gauteng

Micro dotting

Micro dotting

Micro dotting is a 1 mm x 1 mm micro dot that we apply onto assets, from vehicles to household items using our patented “Spray-on Technology” or “Paint-on Technology” system. Thieves can't remove it as it is almost impossible to see and even if they do spot it, they can't remove all of the thousands of dots that we have applied onto your vehicles and various other assets. If your assets get stolen, you report your unique number, that is imprinted on your micro dot to the online database, and if someone tries to sell that product or parts of your vehicle, the law picks up that hot dot number and notifies you that your stolen items were recovered. All chop shops and 2nd hand goods stores must check all items for micro dotting before buying items.
This is the crime prevention strategy.
Region Gauteng
City Johannesburg
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