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Rainbow Reservoirs: Oil, Gas & Petroleum in Africa, Nationwide

Rainbow Reservoirs

Rainbow Reservoirs

The use of water catchment tanks is nothing new and have always been a proven, popular and effective water containment method used in raw water tanks, emergency water reserve tanks, harvested rainwater tanks and recycled purified water tanks.
For many years now Rainbow Reservoirs has approached water conservation from two perspectives; firstly, it is a human concern and secondly, it isan environmental concern. People and environments are the worst affected when there are water shortages. Not only do droughts wreak havoc on food production, but the human population can quickly succumb to dehydration and illness.

Sustainable water conservation is the best way forward for this nation, by making sure that water is effectively stored and conserved so that evaporation or contamination of clean water is kept to a minimum.

This is where Rainbow Reservoirs’ bulk water storage tank systems become a preferred solution for water security tanks. Our standard range of engineer-designed tanks vary in capacity from 9500 litres to 2 million litres. Water tanks fitted with domed roofs form completely sealed units. The roofs prevent evaporation as well as the ingress of dust, insects and light (no algal growth!). The water tank liners (within our steel-walled tanks) with which the water is in contact, are internationally certified for human potability. Tank linings are also available for sewage treatment tanks, chemical tanksor specialised acid, temperature or fuel specifications for tanks used in mining, industrial, agricultural or processing applications within the DRC.

Rainbow Reservoirs Zincalume® bolted steel, lined, panel tanks for storing water offer tried and tested solutions for drinking water and liquid storage. Zincalume® steel is coated with highly corrosion-resistant G-300 zinc-aluminium alloy. Furthermore, corrosion-resistant components are used throughout construction of the tanks,which come in your choice of colour. Accessories such as water-level gauges, scour drains to vent sludge build-up, or fire-fighting attachments are also available. Rainbow Reservoirs is an accredited manufacturer, supplier and installer of fire-fighting tanks, fire tanks and hydrant tanks, flocculation tanks, food processing tanks, community tanks and water purification tanks.
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