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Tubular Skylights

By Gary Ernstzen, 23.12.11 | Comments

Installing skylights is a complicated process. First a large hole needs to be cut out on the roof of your home. Then you’ll have to frame up the chase. You’ll have to drywall, paint and insulate your tubular skylight. It is recommended to keep tubular skylights in the design of your house while it is being made or renovated so as to avoid hassles of installing them later on.

Tubular skylights are available in the market for as less as a few hundred dollars. You can easily install them yourself in the attic of your house. Pay a visit to your local home supply store to buy them. Some basic tools and limited skills are required to install tubular skylights.

However, if you are not sure about your skills, then you must hire a professional company for installing it in your home. Tubular skylights are fitted with domes on the roof. Mirror finished tubes are used for installing tubular skylights on the roofs of homes and offices. The mirror finish in these skylights helps to transfer sunlight to a diffuser that is installed in the ceiling of your home. The mirror finish and the diffuser used in tubular skylights are responsible for brightening up dark rooms in a house with natural light.

First a hole needs to be cut in the roof of the room where you want to install the tubular skylight. This should be done by professionals so as to avoid any damage to the roof of your house. Then the next step is to install the dome shaped cover on the roof. You’ll have to make sure that it is flashed properly to prevent leakage of water from the ceiling to the walls of your room.

Those who will install the skylight in your home will have to work inside your room where the tubular skylight will be installed. Make sure that you provide enough comfort and safety to those who are working on installing the skylight in your room. The next thing that is done is the installation of the light cover and the tube on the ceiling.

The time taken to install a tubular skylight in a room is usually within a day. Make sure that the person installing your skylight checks the roof properly before beginning to install the skylight. The ceiling of a roof also needs to be checked properly to ensure proper room area for the installation of the skylight.

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