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Commercial Vehicle Sales Boost SA Auto Industry

By Dave Tucker, 12.09.11 | Comments
The South African auto industry received a significant boost last month as the sale of vehicles increased by 11.1%; during this time, 51 436 vehicle sales were made. Vehicle sales in South Africa for August 2011 were significantly higher than those for August 2010, due to the strikes that affected the South African auto sector last year. NAAMSA (The National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa) reports that during August 2010, only 46 292 local vehicle sales took place. The latest statistics also revealed a notable difference in export sales; these jumped by 26.7%, with a total of 24 835 vehicles exported for sale during August 2011, compared to 19 605 in August 2010.

Companies offering car dent repairs Pretoria will be interested to know that the sale of commercial vehicles exceeded expectations during this time. Comparing sales during August 2010 and August 2011, the following increases were noted: 

  • A 19.8% increase in light commercial vehicle sales (ie pick-ups and minibuses)
  • A 24.6% increase in the sale of medium commercial vehicles
  • A 13.5% increase in heavy commercial vehicle sales (eg trucks and buses)
  • A massive 40.7% growth in the sale of extra-heavy commercial vehicles

The vehicle rental industry has also fuelled sales, with 15% of cars sold in August purchased by rental companies looking to increase the size of their fleets.
Statistics show that the top-selling commercial vehicle during August 2011 was the Toyota Hilux, with 2907 sales, while the most popular passenger vehicle was the Volkswagen Polo Vivo, with 2222 sales. Businesses offering car dent repairs and services will confirm that VW and Toyota are currently dominating the top-seller lists nationwide. 

While the growing interest in commercial transport and rental car purchases boosted vehicle industry sales, NAAMSA also reports that August 2011 reflected the country’s lowest year-on-year growth in 19 months. NAAMSA stated that this slowed growth could be due to a reduction in consumers’ available disposable income, which is a result of price increases, like those of fuel and electricity. Auto industry insiders predict that new vehicle sales will continue to increase during the rest of 2011, but at a slower rate than that of previous months.  

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