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Smokoo sells iPads for less than 10 bucks

By Mark Johnson, 01.07.11 | Comments

Penny auctions are innovative sites whereby users can purchase products like iPads, iPhones, cars and holidays for a fraction of the cost. Smokoo is one of the world’s top penny auction sites. Users sign up to Smokoo for free, selecting a username and purchasing credits to take part in auctions. Credits are purchased in credit bundles starting at 20 credits. Products available on auction range from the latest pc tablets to the world’s best TV’s.  Smokoo is known for auctioning off a trip to the edge of space and a Nissan Skyline GT-R in the same week.

Penny auctions are usually thought of as a complicated form of online shopping. Nothing could be further from the truth. Penny auction sites like Smokoo function off one basic principle…to be the last user to place a bid before the timer hits zero. The last person to place their bid on any particular auction automatically secures the item and only has to pay the price displayed. The purchase price is determined in relation to the bids placed. The purchase price starts at zero, and with every bid placed goes up by 1 cent increments. This innovative auction system lets you save up to 99% on all the must-have products from around the globe.

Some of Smokoo’s top auctions include exclusive home-ware products and Flight Vouchers. Flight Vouchers are exceptionally popular. The winner of the auction gets to choose a destination anywhere in the world. The voucher is for one person on a return flight.

Chatting to the founders of the company they said in the past they would have loved to take part in an auction where the winner gets to fly anywhere in the world. ‘We love the idea of picking any destination without hesitation. It’s always been a dream of ours to offer these types of exciting auctions to our users’ says Li Jian.

In May, Smokoo did the unthinkable by auctioning off a trip to the edge of space. No other penny auction site ever attempted hosting an auction on the scale of this one. The winner of the auction will fly to Moscow and begin their journey by staying in the prestigious Crown Plaza. The trip itself lasts five days in total and Smokoo covers everything. The flight takes place at the famous airbase in Nizhny Novgorod. The winner will be introduced to a Russian Fighter Pilot who will brief them on the safety aspects of the flight in the MIG-31 Fighter Jet. The flight is a once in a lifetime chance to experience sights not many people will get to see in this lifetime.

Smokoo is open to users in the US/UK/France. The site accepts a variety of different payment options including MoneyBookers and Ukash.

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