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Mom and Fashion: Easy Ways to Look Pretty in Minutes

By tarun kumar, 29.06.11 | Comments

Mothers have time for everyone except for her. Motherhood is the lifelong commitment so why not to steal some minutes from a day. By doing this you are not becoming criminal before your child. From daily hustle and bustle at least you can spare 10 to 15 minutes for you. You can carry the role of mother very well without losing yourself in the process. To look good and feel good discover best features of yours and try to naccentuate them.

First of all get a good haircut which suits your features and personality. If you have curly hair think twice before using hair styling gadgets as it can spoil your uniqueness. Every night before bed must wash your face to refrain from breakouts and brush your teeth for a wonderful smile. For skincare, exfoliate your face and body. Scrub your body with exfoliating cleanser in gentle and circular manner. Due to this process the top layer of dead cells gets removed, you will feel smoother and wrinkled free. After all it is important to take care of personal hygiene also.

Keep a good makeup routine at least for five minutes, still if you don’t have that mush of time then apply a moisturizer with SPF, lip gloss and mascara. Keep that make-up combination which can suit and enhance your personality, especially try to highlight your features like eyes, cheekbones, lips. Always have in collection some dark jeans along with cool Tees. You will not only look fantastic in them but also filled with applause.

Remember those clothes which you worn before pregnancy, those jeans, skirts and others you can still wear them but price you have to pay is exercise. Exercise daily for 5 to 6 minutes and follow some dietary supplements to fit into those wardrobes. Smile! Not even smile but laugh - laugh out loud, laughing is a good exercise for face muscles, lower the level of stress hormone and helps in dealing with negative situation. So, laugh even you don’t want to.

It is the duty of every mother to look after her child but it doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have right to look and feel good about herself. You can be a fashionable momma who wears latest trendy wardrobes but you should have confidence in yourself because for us nothing is bolder then confidence in you. With a little time management and healthy diets you will be a most fashionable mother across.

About The Author:
Tarun kumar is working as seo/content writer of and have an interest to provide fashion and postnatal tips for newmommys. Letbaby play is online shopping store for baby products and sell skin products too.
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