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Smokoo Continues to dazzle

By Smokoo Editor, 08.02.11 | Comments

There is a new fever sweeping across South Africa. Competition fever! Smokoo has gone completely bonkers. From today and for the rest of February, Smokoo will be giving away iPad’s, iPod Nano’s, games, bid packages, vintage radios and SO much more!

Don’t be left behind. Everyone needs an iPad – they are just so damned expensive! Here is your chance. Go to Facebook, find the Smokoo page, and “LIKE” it. Yes, that’s all. Once you are part of the Smokoo page you instantly become eligible to take part in all of the Smokoo Facebook competition.

We would advise that you register on Smokoo, as a large chunk of the competitions require you to be registered. Smokoo really has gone bonkers. It’s a lot of fun though. The Smokoo Facebook page is exciting to be a part of.

Daily, before ten in the morning, just after your first cup of coffee, Smokoo posts the Riddle of the Day. Some days the riddle is pretty tough. Other days it’s a quite easy. Prizes vary between credit packs, to bid on the site, or vintage radios, iPads and other great products.

To take part you need to be a part – so sign up and “LIKE”the Facebook page. The month of February is simply insane! We call it Smokoolicious!

This exciting new website offers South Africans a totally unique opportunity to bid for and win some of the most amazing and desirable consumer items of our time at a mere fraction of their cost price.

The innovative pay-to-bid system is the simple but ingenious concept that makes these fantastic purchases possible and creates a truly unbelievable atmosphere of excitement in the process.

When shopping on you will be joining other bidders in a thrilling and fun-filled shopping spree which is actually a highly entertaining and modern adaptation of the traditional auction. is the place where shopping ceases to be a chore and becomes great entertainment.




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